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    Any ideas on temporary mast to attach to satellite j mount?

    Spring has arrived and it's time to get ready for some antenna testing on my roof. I was given a used satellite j-mount and plan to purchase a non-penetrating roof mount as the base (j-mount attaches directly to it). I would like to attach a 5 ft tall mast to the j-mount. The internal...
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    Good news, bad news day... :)

    Finally got around to installing my DIY mclapp 4-bay up in the attic. I had been using the two bay with a Winegard AP8700 pre amp. Was a good news, bad news day. Good news: Nice improvement in signal strength with the 4 bay, ~ 3dB Picked up two new LP stations, (1 analog + 1 digital) Bad...
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    Converting NM in dB to power in dBm

    Playing with the numbers from tvfool, I found that I can convert NM in dB to power in dBm with the following equation: dBm = -90.99 + (NM in dB x 1.0033) Does this equation make sense? I'm a Dairy Science guy, not an engineer so go easy... :) My last physics class was during the Nixon...
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    Excellent link with antenna comparisons with spectrum analyzer

    Nice shootout between several commercial antennas! Very interesting results! HDTV Antenna Comparisons
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    Preferred antenna balun?

    I'm putting together an order to one of the on-line companies and wanted to purchase a couple baluns as spares. Anyone have favorites that I should include in my order? Thanks!
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    Using a power passing splitter between preamp and power inserter

    I'm still in the planning stage for installing my setup. It would be much easier to install the rg-6 if I can put the first 2-way splitter before the pre-amp power inserter. Is this a problem as long as I use a power passing splitter? My thought is install the splitter under the eave (covered)...