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  1. MacGyver

    Circuit City closes it's stores

    Unfortunately, Circuit City is closing 155 stores across America. This comes only weeks before normally they would be running their Black Friday Sales. Every year customers camp outside the store no matter how cold it is, waiting on the Day after Thanksgiving Sales. It is such a shame they...
  2. MacGyver

    Rite Aid sells converter boxes for $40

    I read an article from the National Association of Broadcasters, that was praising the Rite Aid chain for their sale on these boxes. They are honoring the government coupons, which makes them free. :D
  3. MacGyver


    Do you let your kids watch Pokemon or the spin offs? My kids have watched Pokemon for years, but I don't let them watch the more violent yugioh series.
  4. MacGyver


    Are you a Smallville fan? If so, what attracts you to this series? Is it the action, drama, super powers? This season, Kara is supposed to be more a part of the show. How do you feel about Supergirl as opposed to Superman?
  5. MacGyver

    Winner anybody?

    Has anybody actually won the million dollar question? I have seen a couple of episodes where they came close. But, I was wondering in all this time that the show has aired, has anyone actually came away with a million dollars?
  6. MacGyver

    Fall Back

    Don't forget to set your clocks back an hour before you go to bed. The time changes at 2 am tonight. We get one more hour of sleep tonight. It is also recommended that you change your smoke alarm batteries, at this time.
  7. MacGyver


    I was watching the Food Channel the other day when my husband walked in. He piped up "Why do you watch those food shows, you don't even cook?" I glared back at and replied "Then, why do you watch those football shows?".
  8. MacGyver

    Have you voted, yet?

    Many areas are offering early voting opportunities. I think I am going to wait. I have read that they don't always count the early or absentee votes, unless it is a close election. I'm not sure yet it is hard to tell, but it looks to me like it could be a close one.
  9. MacGyver

    High School Musical 3

    How many of you have been dragged to the theater to go see this last musical in the High School series? We have watched the first two movies so many times, I could probably do some of the dances, myself. :D
  10. MacGyver

    Do you prefer AFV or PFA?

    I have watched both America's Funniest Videos and the Planet's Funniest Animals, as well as some others. Lately, we have been watch PFA on the Animal Planet On Demand. Our whole family loves this show. Yes, some of the clips are still a little off the wall and the host has some corny lines. But...
  11. MacGyver

    Yay!!!! I got my coupons :o)

    Just thought I would let everyone know, that they are real. I my two in the mail today. They are in the form of credit cards or gift cards, so you don't have to worry about them getting damaged. I was getting concerned after some of the threads I have read, about people not getting theirs. I...
  12. MacGyver

    Directv: Sat-Go

    This is so amazing, I was browsing the Direct TV website and saw this; It is a satellite to go system, all in one carrier. It looks no bigger than my laptop case. Although, I would imagine it is probably heavier. Apparently, it is a television, satellite receiver and antenna in one. I am...
  13. MacGyver


    Are you having any trouble with your PBS stations? Here lately, we are getting a news broadcast recording over the kids shows. It is frustrating to the kids, who are looking forward to watching their shows and they can see the picture of their shows, but it is voice-overed with a news broadcast.
  14. MacGyver

    2008 movies

    What are your favorite theater movies of 2008, so far? I know it isn't quite the end of the year, yet. But have you been to the theater in the past year and walked away, feeling you got your money's worth?
  15. MacGyver

    Have you googled yourself?

    Ha..ha.. I know it sounds like a weird question. But you may be pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised if you try putting your name in the google search bar. You might also want to try googling your kids, if they are internet active.
  16. MacGyver

    Remake T.V.?

    What are your thoughts regarding some of the shows that have been remade? For instance a couple of shows come to mind; The Bionic Woman, Battlestar Galactia, Knight Rider, etc. Should the producers have let well enough alone or did they actually improve on the shows?
  17. MacGyver

    How much is your gas?

    I was so excited, I saw a gas station today that had dropped down below $2.50 a gallon. A couple of weeks ago it was closer to $4.00 a gallon. I sure hope everything else drops in price.
  18. MacGyver

    PC World Article about online Internet TV links

    I just found this article today and thought I would share it. PC World - 4 Sites to Find and Watch TV and Movies Online It talks about different sites that you can watch tv on the internet with. They tell you about which ones are scams and which ones are worth looking into.
  19. MacGyver

    Star Trek Voyager on You Tube

    I was excited to find out that you could watch Start Trek Voyager on You Tube. However, I was soon disappointed. Many of these videos are just clips from the show that someone did a voice-over on. I would think that would be illegal as I am sure that UPN, Spike or someone has the rights to Voyager.
  20. MacGyver


    For those of you buy and sell on ebay or other online sites, I thought I would mention that you are allowed to have 2 paypal accounts per email address. This allows you to have a business account if you wish and a personal account, as well. Both accounts have their advantages. With a business...