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    4, New Season Starts January, 2009

    Barring another writers strike, the new season of 24 will commence in January, 2009. I wonder if the year without 24 will have affected their audience or if it will cause enough curiousity to bring people back? What do you think?
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    ALMA Awards

    Did anyone catch the ALMA awards last Friday? I was so happy that America, Shakira, and Linda Rondstadt won an award. How many outfit changes did Eva Longoria Parker go through?
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    The Cleaner on A & E

    Has anyone watched The Cleaner with Benjamin Bratt? I like this show. It's a bit on the dark side as it deals with addiction and trying to get off addiction, but I think Benjamin Bratt plays his character really well.
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    Big Bang Theory, is this just another nerdy show?

    I've caught a couple of episodes, one too many in my opinion, hoping that it would get better than for just a quick laugh. But all I see is another show about nerds and some blond making for some laughs on the show. Do you agree?
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    TNT - The Closer and Saving Grace

    Has anyone watched these show? I really enjoy them. Each a law enforcement officer but each with their own distict personalities. I love Kyra Sedgwick's Southern lady persona and Holly Hunter's hellraiser personality. Which is your favorite?
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    Cold Case Proves No Case is Unsolvable

    I love this show. Not only do they do a pretty good job of matching actors with their age differences but it proves that virtually no case is unsolvable. 10, 20 ,30 years and if you get a good investigative team who can spend the time searching, one more case can be closed. What do you think?
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    Bones: Will Booth and Tempe ever get Together?

    I love this show. I've read most of Kathy Reichs' books. The show's characters are a little different from those in the book, but the pemise is the same. I just wonder how long it will be before Booth and Tempe actually get together.
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    Anthony LaPaglia

    I wonder if Anthony LaPaglia will always look like a ganster in whatever movie or tv show he makes? He's a good actor, but I think he was just too type cast as a bad guy once upon a time and that has stuck with him.
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    Addison and Pete, A Match Made in Heaven

    I love watching the expectation of new love. The looks, the innuendos. It's all so romantic. The hospital stuff is cool too. But if I want to watch real hospital drama, I watch House.
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    2 More Seasons Before They End Lost

    The new season starts early 2009, January I think (hope). I know it would be ridiculous to want it to go on for ever, but I love the show. I read where it is under contract to complete the story in two more seasons. I look forward to it. I think Sawyer's hot and Ben...well, he can just...
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    New Season October 1st, Who's Watching?

    I kind of watched it the first season, I like suspense type stuff. But the more I watch it , the more it seems to me to be about another disfunctional family and their exploits. I guess we'll see how Tripp Darling (Daddy) handles it all in this season. Donald Sutherland's always been a...
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    Is Brothers and Sisters Too Much Like Cane

    I haven't watched this show too much, but it seems to me that the story line is a little too much like the now defunct show, Cane (Jimmy Smits) with the whole disfunctional family thing. What do you think? The season premiere for Brothers and Sisters is September 28th by the way.
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    Jennifer Love Hewitt Isn't Fat

    I can't believe someone accused Jennifer Love Hewitt of being too fat. So of course she's lost some weight and now looks a little skeletal. Does anyone else think that?
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    Jethro Gibbs

    I've never understood why the writers gave Mark Harmon the name of Jethro. He's such a manly man, the name just doesn't suite him.
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    We All Use Numbers Everyday

    Why do you think the network dropped that line? It had become a joke around our house eveytime the show was on. Good old Charlie. Such a nerd and yet so endearing. That's why Amita loves him.
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    Is the Unit Turning into A Soapy?

    I love to see the guys in the unit in action. Of course it's also nice to see their families and homelife. But sometimes the show gets carried away with too much attention on the home life. I want to see more assignments being taken on by these guys so they can kick some serious butt.
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    The new Sarah Connor

    Lena Headly makes a great Sarah Connor. She gives Linda Hamilton a run for her money. The acting is good and her persona makes her a believable mother to John.
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    Will House Ever Stop His Addiction?

    Do you ever wonder if the network gets alot of flack because of the druggy character he plays? I realize his character needs the meds because of his physical pain, but will there come a time when he will substitute this needs for the drugs with something else?
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    Criminal Minds, Creepy but Addicting

    Some of the episodes on Criminal Minds have become so creepy that I have to turn away. But the writing is so good and the story line so well done with such great actors, that it's hard to turn the tv set off.
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    Ugly Betty

    As a Hispanic woman, I've seen many instances of reality to the Hispanic home life. But I've also seen many exaggerations. Still, it's meant to be a comedy and I think America really pulls it off. The whole acting staff works well together.