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    Samsung Vs Vizio HDTVs

    Do Samsung's offer any better picture for the price? Reason why I ask is a 46" Samsung is for sale on Amazon for $699.99 while a 47" Vizio is on sale for $609.00. Both have wi-fi, 1080p, and similar other specs. The Vizio is $90 less and you get a 1" bigger screen.
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    Recommended HDMI cables?

    Can anyone recommend a good HDMI cable for a new blu-ray player? There are so many out there now and the range of pricing is like from $5.00 to $100! I just want to make sure I get a good picture on my HDTV. Hope everyone on the forum is doing well by the way. :popcorn:
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    Desperate Housewives - The actor that plays Carlos lost a ton of weight!

    Did "Desperate Housewives" replace the actor that plays Gabby's husband or has he just lost a bunch of weight? His on screen name is Carlos. I'm guessing he lost the weight during the off season of the show since tonight is the premier, but I swear he looks so much younger now. lol.
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    Looking for a antenna part

    Anyone know what the little connector piece is called that will convert an old style twin screw connection on the back of a TV for a newer antenna?
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    Insignia vs Samsung 26"

    We are buying a new 26" LCD TV for our kitchen. We have looked at Best Buy and there are 2 models we saw in our price range. One is a Samsung LN26B460B2D and the other is an Insignia (best buy's brand) NS-L26Q-10A. The Insignia comes with a 2 year warranty and the specifications look the...
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    Is Blu-ray better than DVD?

    We got my wife a new bluray player for Christmas -- a Samsung BDP1600. We also have a Samsung HDTV (42" LCD 1080). I hooked up the player with an HDMI cable and then we tested the new player. I used a DVD we had (Under Seige) and we went to best buy and bought the Blu-Ray version of the same...
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    Megan Joy confirms rumors about romance with Matt Giraud

    "Megan Joy is talking now that she's been cut from "American Idol," and is denying rumors that she and Matt Giraud were romantically involved." Megan Joy: No 'American Idol' romance for Matt Giraud and me (American Idol) - Did anybody else actually think these 2 were together?
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    Songs for April 7 and April 8

    Looks like they get to sing sings from the year they were born next week. :) Lots of 80's hits, yay!!!
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    Who is most Overrated this year?

    Which singer is the most overrated for 09? I'm thinking Danny and Lil. :p:o:cool:
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    Kiefer Sutherland on Ellen - 1/19/09

    Did anybody watch?? I missed it, but from one of the preview clips I saw, he was talking about 24...and some of the things going on this season.
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    Does my car need a converter box?

    Hey everyone, My husband and I bought a 07 Chrysler Minivan with a DVD entertainment package that includes a screen in the back. Do we still need a converter box if the van is only 8 months old? Sam
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    Is this show as good as X Files?

    I love both shows, but do you think the characters in Fringe are better than the duo in X Files?
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    Edible Arrangements

    Has anyone ever received one of these before? It's basically a fruit basket layed out like flowers. I got an arrangement for my birthday from a family member a month ago, and it was so cool! lol Don't get me wrong, I love roses, but it was something different! Here's a picture of what some...
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    "The Family Lawyer" 10-8-08 (Season 2) Episode Thread

    I love this Show!!!! Anybody see last night's episode? I don't want to give away any major details about the episode quite yet, but the show took an interesting twist last night! The Darling family must name a successor for the family business, and Tripp lets Nick George make the decision...
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    Comcast Converter Box Question

    Can I use a converter box with Comcast cable? I've got Comcast connected to two TVs, and I'm waiting for my coupons...