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    just purchased a DVD Recorder.

    my old dvd player gave out, so i decided to buy a DVD recorder:this one.. so far, ive copied one of my old VHS home movies to DVD, and it plays fine in the new DVD recorder, but the disc doesnt play in my other DVD players all of which are fairly new and supposed to play DVD-R & DVD-RW discs...
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    anybody else watch this series on Showtime? its about a serial killer/vigilante who works in forensics for the Miami police.. great show, season 3 starts this month i think..
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    what happened to this show?

    i remember seeing ONE episode, and then never saw it again.. all i remember is that Terry Bradshaw's daughter was on there trying to be in a country singing group or something.
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    great show..

    tonights episode was classic.. Dan played Ollie hard. Keesha is hot, even though she always has a worried look on her face.
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    i love the amazing race..

    probably better than Survivor as far as CBS reality/game shows go. I'd like to do the Amazing Race someday.