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    XBOX not showing up

    I moved my XBOX and HDTV but now my XBOX won’t show up what is wrong?
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    Suits 1&2 available on Hulu?

    Does the service Hulu Plus have seasons one and two of the show Suits?
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    Remote Settings

    I used to have a DirecTV and I just got it back. The remote I had previously was able to turn on the TV and change channels etc from anywhere, no matter where it was pointed or if you used it through walls etc. I can’t remember how I got it to work like that though. Does anyone know?
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    Question: What can I do to stop sunshine glare on my new HDTV?

    Just bought a new Samsung LN40B550 with a new TV cabinet and connected everything. Great picture and very happy except the screen is very glossy and I have the TV positioned perfectly to reflect a 4:30-5:15PM sun beam coming directly through a sun window in our ceiling. I do NOT want to move...