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    Somewhat like House?

    When I watch ER, I feel that I am watching House sometimes, and the other way around as well. It might be just that it always depends on something medical, and a lot of the time is spent in the ER.
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    Building Own Computers?

    How do you guys feel about building your own computer for whatever it is you may need? I see online that you can save hundreds by picking out all the parts that you want for your machine.
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    DVD/VCR combo systems

    How many of you out there own a DVD/VCR combo system? Also, how many of you out there actually use the VCR partition of your system? I haven't used a VHS tape in the longest time.
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    Can You Dance?

    Do you think that you could ever dance like these people on the show? There are so many complicated steps involved with dancing these dances, and it would take me months to learn all the moves correctly.
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    What Character Are You?

    In the show, what character would you say that you most resemble in a real life situation or environment. It could be anyone you want. Maybe it's someone you think, or someone else thinks you are.
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    Does anyone play computer games?

    I recently build myself a nice new computer, and it can handle pretty much any computer game out there right now. It is open for upgrades, and has plenty of room to add some more components if needed. Does anyone else play computer games at all?
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    Weird Channels?

    Someone I know just recently got a converter box, and he says all of his channels are really weird. He recieves almost nothing he had before, and everything that he does have is sometimes in a different language. Is there a solution to this?