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    PS3 lifetime

    How long have been your PS3 working . Mine is a 60GB model and the disk spins so its got the more recent Blu-Ray drive and it has been working since may 2007.
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    Favorite games in PS3 station

    Favorite games in PS3 What is your favorite game that you often play in your PS3 . My favorites are Age of Empires, Call of duty and Halo. And I also like to play a dozens of small games in my PS3.
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    DLP Vs LCD

    I have found that in comparing both of these types there is no clear winner in it. DLP is much cheaper than LCD but losses in picture quality and on other fronts and the same thing happens with LCD. Does any one see a clear advantage of one over another.
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    Samsung's 82 inch LCD panel

    Does anyone have news of Samsung's new 82 inch LCD panel launched in march of this year. They haven't enclosed the price of the panel at that time but I am guessing what would be the price of this massive panel. Any guesses.
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    Upconverting DVD players

    I had found that upconverting DVD players lack in high definition resolution images. Does any one have similar experience like me. What do you think the possible cause of this.