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    Personal Benefits

    I feel the Biggest Loser television show helps to inform individuals the benefits of eating right and exercising. It shows us that we all have inside us the personal strength to succeed.
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    Real life situations?

    Do you ever find yourself in a situation that relates to what you have seen in the Desperate Housewives show? Randomly, I can find myself doing something I know I've seen on that show before.
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    Is your TV DTV ready (already)?

    Before you even bought a digital broadcasting box, was your TV ready to receive the digital broadcasting? I know some of mine are, and I am glad to know that. I wont need to spend the money on those things.
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    Your Biggest TV?

    What is the biggest tv that you have in your house? It doesn't matter what kind, except it can not be a projection screen! My biggest is the one in my living room. A nice 52" LCD on the wall. It suites me :)
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    Do you own the box sets?

    With all of the box sets available, do you own any of them? Every box set that has been released to the public currently, I own. Every time a new one comes out, I do not hesitate to buy it. How about you?
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    Football Players Dance?!

    After watching this show and seeing the football players move like they do, it really shows the athleticism it takes to play football. Who knew such big men could move so nimbly across a stage?
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    How Many TVs Do You Use It On?

    In your house, how many do you use your dish service on? How many boxes did you buy to be able to have your house broadcasted with a satellite signal? Right now, I have 3 tvs with a box on it. I use each tv everyday. I don't think I could live without them.
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    When Was It Proposed?

    When do you think the whole digital television idea was proposed to someone in the government. Why do you think this idea came up too? Was this to make some money from people who would have to buy the boxes? Or was this to save money from antenna broadcasts?