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    Toshia REGZA

    This Toshiba REGZA is a great tv for the price we paid for it. We just wanted to get a nice 42" LCD tv, and have it last a little while. So far, this tv has lasted with no problems at all! For $1,000 that is great.
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    Peter Griffon For President!

    Nah, I'm just kidding. But, in all seriousness, what do you think about if Peter Griffon was our president, or if there was someone like Peter for president? How much of a hole do you think the world would be in?
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    Better Shows?

    Do you think the older shows, or the newer shows of House were better? Some of the newer ones have a bit more of a twist to them, so I think they are a step above the others. How about you?
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    Your Favorite Dancer?

    If you watched this show, which few of you have on here, what dancer was your favorite? Overall, I will have to go with the football player selection, and that will be Warren Sapp. He was big, yet gracious on the dance floor.
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    Did You See The Movie

    When the Simpsons Movie came out, did you rush to go out and see it? I was waiting in line for about an hour just to get my ticket :) I thought it was worth it, and when the movie came out on DVD, I picked it up right away as well.
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    British Accent Off Screen?

    I heard from my mom, who also is a big addict of this show, that when the actor of House if off screen, he has a British accent. I find that quite peculiar because he seems to speak good/fluent American accent on screen.
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    Favorite HBO Movie Snack?

    When you settle down to watch a nice movie on HBO, what snack do you pick? I pick some nice buttered popcorn, and usually a nice lemonade. They both go together really well, in my opinion.
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    How Many Seasons Do You Own?

    If you watch this show, there are some episodes that you want to watch over and over again because they are just that funny. How many of the seasons do you own on DVD?