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  1. Don_M

    House passes Radio Spectrum Inventory Act, 394-18

    The House of Representatives last Wednesday voted 394-18 to approve H.R. 3125, The Radio Spectrum Inventory Act. Summary follows: HR 3125 has been placed on the calendar for consideration in the Senate, but that chamber has a similarly-titled bill, S. 649, under consideration. It's not clear yet...
  2. Don_M

    Article cites OTA, alternatives in mini-exodus from pay TV

    Here are another 800,000 reasons why Genachowski and Co. may wish to reconsider squashing broadcast TV in general... and killing OTA HD in particular: Nearly 800,000 U.S. TV households 'cut the cord,' report says The TechCrunch report on this topic later clarified the number, saying that the...
  3. Don_M

    Political Discussion: Appeals court slaps down 'net neutrality'

    The U.S Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia today ruled against the FCC's efforts to regulate broadband services under the "net neutrality" doctrine, saying it lacks the legal authority to do so. The ruling calls into question the agency's National Broadband Plan which, as most of you...
  4. Don_M

    Free DBS Network

    There's a group trying to establish the Free Direct Broadcast Satellite Network, which would be free of charge (with the exception of pay-per-view selections, of course) to most of those who already use FTA receivers. At this point, they've lined up content providers for about dozen and a half...
  5. Don_M

    Seventy subchannels in LA!

    The Los Angeles Times had a mostly positive take on OTA versus pay TV today in Rabbit ears make a comeback in digital TV era. Their reporter made particular note of how multicasting can be used to serve ethnic niches. One shocker: The station that's running nine SD subchannels. What are they...
  6. Don_M

    RS discontinues most of its own antennas

    RadioShack has apparently discontinued its entire private-label antenna line except for one model, the U-75R. While coming up for the images to answer the question in the thread, "How can I find out if my antenna is uhf and vhf capable," I wanted to show the VU-90 since it's a well-known example...
  7. Don_M

    Had a bad day?

    Need a good chuckle? Check this out! Caution: Some of their posts aren't exactly office-appropriate, but they don't seem to stray beyond "PG-13" territory, either. Enjoy!
  8. Don_M

    Review: AntennaCraft Y5-7-13 high-band, broadband Yagi

    Dimensions Boom length: 60 inches Maximum width: 36 inches Maximum depth: 4 inches Turning radius: 42 inches Technical specifications Channels: 7 - 13 Number of elements: 5 Impedance: 300 ohm (coax matching transformer required) Gain: 6.9 dBd Beamwidth at half-power points: 56 degrees...