10 reasons why Netflix is better than Hulu Plus; which service is worth $7.99

At $7.99 Netflix and Hulu Plus are both cheaper alternatives to your standard cable provider. Many People opt for both it is a combination of old (Netflix) and current seasons (Hulu Plus), but depending on your watching preference and device you may find Hulu Plus somewhat uneccesary or the answer to your streaming needs. I personally have had both services for more than 7 months (3 months free on Hulu and 2 months of free Netflix), and can make an honest and well-experienced argument for both services, BUT if you have to choose one and only one streaming service the answer is clear Netflix. It has a much larger catalog of movies and television shows, and if you need ten reasons why it is a better service read on...


I cannot drive this point home more if I tried. Netflix costs $7.99 a month and has no commercials, literally no ads. You can watch an entire season or series of a show and have ZERO interruptions. If you want to lock yourself in a room and have a 2 week Lost marathon from season 1- season 6 Netflix will do that for you. Sure Hulu has some complete seasons, and some of Comedy Central's entire series, but is it worth paying for these programs with ADS when you can watch them online for free?

#2- House of Cards

I cannot advertise this show more than I already have. I think it's quality of writing, camera techniques, and stellar acting performances speak for themselves. If you would like to learn more about the filming processes utilized follow this link and do some of your own research and you will be more impressed than after that EXPLOSIVE finale. http://www.alexandrosmaragos.com/2013/02/andrew-geraci-interview.html

#3- Other Original/Re-do Programming

Arrested Development is one of the best shows ever created, and only Netlfix had the balls to bring it back to a much needed and anticipated return. If you want to read more on my opinion of this show read this http://www.dtvusaforum.com/blogs/fa...ix-best-shows-netflix-what-watch-netflix.html. Also Orange is the New Black is one of my friends top shows, and most often recommended to me.

#4- Streaming in 1080P

On it's best day Hulu Plus streams at a maximum of 720P, whereas Netflix streams at a crystal clear 1080P with a rumored 4k relution streaming service on the horizon, Netflix offers the only hi-def major streaming service. For shows like the beforementioned House of Cards, this makes all the difference, and unlike Hulul I have never experienced a bluriness or break in resoution.

#5- Dolby Digital 5.1 Sound

Many people have added a surround system to their home entertainment set-up, and a large number of TV's are now being sold with soundbars. This trend represents the average viewer's desire for high quality streaming in their home. The difference between Netflix's 5.1 Dolby Digital and Hulu Plus stereo sound cannot be understated, Netflix sounds better, end of story.

#6- Much more extensive library

Netflix has over 100,000 TV shows and movies, which greatly trumps Hulu Plus's library of around 5000 titles. There is just no argument, Netflix has lots more to offer than Hulu, and you can binge watch shows til you satisfy your every guilty pleasure.

#7- Current and frequently updated movie selection

Netflix has exclusive rights to many film companies and adds new movie content usually every month. Exclusive contracts with Disney and Marvel allow Netflix to stream many of these movies at the same time as their release. Movies like Kevin Smith's Red State are released on Netflix and cannot be seen anywhere else. In addition they constantly update the classic movie collections with such great titles as Das Boot and Dr. Strangelove. I have an extensive movie collection (over 1000 titles) but I can still find a movie I'm haven't seen or don't own in the Netflix library.

#8- Did I mention NO COMMERCIALS

Yes I know I mentioned this already, but it cannot be understated. Netflix and Hulu Plus are considered alternatives to cable and both cost $7.99 a month, so why should I be paying for ads? You can watch an entire season on Netflix with no interruptions, but one episode on Hulu has at least 3 ad breaks.

#9- Ability to add DVD rental service

For an additional $7.99 you can add the ability to rent 1 DVD at a time from Netflix's complete list of titles. This includes current movies and TV shows basically as soon as they are released. You can have 1 DVD out at a time, and usually it takes about 5 days for you to send it back and receive a new one, so it certainly beats waiting in line for the Redbox machine at your local grcery tore.

#10- Netflix Kids

As far as I know Netflix is the only streaming service to offer an entire catalog exclusively for children. Netflix and Hulu both have a great deal of mature content, and keeping young viewers from watching these shows/movies can always be difficult. Netflix Kids offers an entire list of movies and TV shows for viewers of all ages. From Scooby Doo to the Lorax, to GI Joe, to the Powerpuff girls, Netflix offers child-approriate programming without the risk of selecting something vulgar or offensive.


If you want quantity and quality in your streaming library the choice is clear... Netflix. I personally have both (mostly because I got major discounts) but if you are picking one to replace cable Netflix is the obvious conclusion, and well-worth the money. If you don't have it already I reccommend signing up for Netflix today! .