10 years later...

Ten years ago this forum was so helpful in my cord cutting. I was a cord cutter for eight years, then moved two years ago and left my trusty HBU33 with the home. At the new house I was given a pretty good package on internet, phone and cable, so I did it but now the two years promotional price is up and I'm cutting the cord again. I'm looked around at some antennas but seems like every web site is full of "buy from my amazon store" so I don't really trust them to be pushing what's the best antenna.

So, my question is what would be a good antenna for towers located 58-59 miles away? I have a two story house with a chimney so I will mount the antenna at least 30 if not 35' high. Below is my tvfool report as well. Thanks in advance!

TV Fool

Jim Navotney

If you need RF 7-36 reception the Winegard 7694 is a excellent choice to replace the HBU33 in my opinion