3D Format War of 2011: Passive 3D vs. Active 3D

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3D TV: Passive 3D vs. Active 3D: The Format War of 2011?: BigPictureBigSound

From the article:

"At the year's Consumer Electronics Show and in the weeks that have followed, a line in the sand has been drawn around two different approaches to 3D TV. In one camp, we have Panasonic, Samsung and Sony, touting the benefits of Full HD 3D TV with their active 3D glasses that deliver full high definition (1080p) images to each eye. In the other we have VIZIO and LG waxing poetic on the benefits of a passive 3D TV solution which, though it may sacrifice detail, offers other benefits such as less flicker and lighter, less expensive 3D glasses. Which is better?" ...

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