8 Reasons to NEVER Pirate Content

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In today’s world of instant access, it’s never been easier to be a thief. There’s streaming content literally everywhere, but if you’re not getting it through a legitimate source, then you’re risking a whole lot more than a guilty conscience.

1 - Prosecution

There is completely a chance that you’ll get prosecuted if you pirate content. That means any kind of content - music, movies, games, whatever. Companies are more and more going after the end user - THAT’S YOU. Is that movie really worth going to court? You’re most likely to get hit if you’re downloading, but streaming content prosecution is coming. To be fair, what’s will probably happen is that you’ll get a letter demanding payment, but still - just not worth the risk.

2 - Guilt

While big companies do get most of the cash from the sale of movies and music, the artists who create them get some of that money too. Someone worked hard to create it, and you’re stealing it.

3 - Viruses

Why do you think these sites share this free content - for you? No way. They share it to get a foothold into your computer system. As vigilant as you may be, you’re just one accidental click away from melting down your computer or compromising your secure information. Illegal streaming and downloading sites are most often bait for criminals who are trying to steal from you (which is kind of karma since you’re stealing).

4 - Hassle

It’s really just a pain to stream illegal content. You’re going to have ridiculous buffering times and constant pop up windows. Your system is going to lock up and you’ll have to reboot. It’s really just easier to go pay Amazon $2.99 to rent your movie or to run down to the Redbox.

5- Bad Quality

Video content that you find streaming online or for download is not likely to be HD quality stuff. The sound will be gnarly, the images will be fuzzy, the video will skip.

6 - It’s Illegal

Did we mention that it’s ILLEGAL? Whether you like it or not, whether you think it’s fair or not, it’s still against the law. You might be sticking it to the man by not paying for that song, but you’re also just breaking the law.

7 - Supporting Criminals

When you stream illegal content, you’re supporting criminals who are likely doing all kinds of other nasty things, things that you really wouldn't want to be a part of. While you might be keeping money out of the hands of production companies, you’re putting it right into the hands of people who have stolen from someone else. Free content isn’t free. Those popups are ads that then pay the bills for someone who stole the content originally.

8 - It’s Easy NOT to
It’s surprisingly easy NOT to pirate content. Most movies or songs that you’re looking for are available through legitimate, legal sources for a minimal cost. More content is becoming available every day. Even if you’ve cut the cord and aren’t paying for cable, you’ll still be able to get what you’re looking for fairly easily. Sporting events are more of a challenge for cable free homes, but even that area is improving.

When you’re tempted to go searching for some free content, take a few minutes to think over the long term ramifications of your short term pleasure - most often you’ll find that you’re happy with an alternative!