Access to 3rd Party e-mail and CPanels suddenly lost - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Access to 3rd Party e-mail and CPanels suddenly lost", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. On May 2nd at 1:30pm I suddenly lost access to all of my HostGator e-mail accounts as well as access to all CPanels at HostGator where I have a hosting account for 10 websites.

My mail apps on my iPhone and MacBook both tell me that either the account names or passwords are incorrect.

In my browser i get the following error:

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.



Cannot Access CPanel:

Cannot Access E-Mail Host:

I called HostGator and they verified everything was working on their end. They suggested I contact Spectrum and check to see if they are blacklisting the IP addresses. I called Spectrum and they said “We don’t block any internet addresses at all sir”. Which of course is a ridiculous answer, because if they didn’t blacklist anything at all their servers would crash and burn.

If I turn off WiFi on my phone, using only Verizon Wireless I can access webmail and the CPanels. As soon as I switch back to Spectrum Internet I no longer can access these services on the web. This pretty much confirms that the issue is somewhere with Spectrum.

I re-booted the router and WiFi in my house and there was no improvement.

This is a huge problem if I can't access my professional e-mail and hosted account cpanels. If I can't resolve this I'm going to have to change internet providers.

Access to 3rd Party e-mail and CPanels suddenly lost?

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