Adding 2nd TV box no splitter outside



I signed up about a month ago for TV and Internet. At the time I only requested 1 TV box. I am using my own NetGear Modem. I had to have a tech come out to help with the intial install. This was due to the fact that I had ( unknown to me ) an old splitter out side that was causing issues with the TV and modem not working. So the tech removed it and bascilly put in a ( looks like ) filter , and put a splitter at the TV box ( my modem is right next to it ). So now I want to add a 2nd TV box in my master bedroom, and after I placed an order online fo the box, I realized I did not have the splitter outside. So I was able to get an assocciate on the phone and took 2 tries to explain what I need and I think that I would need a tech to come out. He did not see my order that I just placed for the box ]. Was told I have to pay $40 for the tech to come out just to put a splitter outside. Is there something I'm missing?

"Adding 2nd TV box no splitter outside," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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