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Your antenna survey report is based on 5 feet above ground level (default) and its pretty good. An old-fashioned set of set-top VHF-UHF 'Rabbit Ears' might be all you need. WRUF is a low-band VHF channel, WNBW is a high-band VHF channel and the others are UHF. You should be able to receive most of the stations toward the top of your survey chart. Its certainly worth a try.

If there are particular stations you want to receive, we can make specific antenna recommendations.

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Let's say I am willing to spend $1500 for a 40' tower setup, would it be that much better than going with a roof top mount? Could you recommend an antenna for a roof top application?


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What is interesting about your situation is that you have channels coming from multiple directions. Since they are strong that may not be all that much of a problem. Maybe a 4 bay antenna without the reflector pointed at 289 degrees magnetic.

A backless Gray Hoverman would be a possibility also.

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