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I'm getting a laptop soon, & want to be able to watch TV on my laptop. The last TV tuner I used was the ATI TV Wonder 650 for the desktop, that was inserted into the PCI slot of my last pc. I have not used a USB version& would like to know if anyone has ever owned this USB TV Tuner. I'm leaning toward this one, but would welcome what other USB TV tuners are out there. I'm getting an Acer computer (kicking myself after finding a Samsung laptop for a bit more, but hear are better than Acer) that has a 2.3ghz processor. I'm not worried about possibly not getting HD, but I would need one to work with my upcoming laptop. The Visiontek model I linked it to will work with my pc, but not enough for HD, which needs at least a 2.5ghz processor. I would only use the provided antenna for when I'm on the go, but use the regular outdoor antenna at home (can't get a signal indoors w/o an outdoor antenna).

Note: Just to let you know, that the reason I got the Acer laptop was because it has blu-ray playback capability, which is what I'm looking for. Once I have enough money saved up, I'll be looking for a desktop to replace the desktop that shorted out on me, & make that the primary pc (this will be the supplemental pc eventually).


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From what I see, that Vision Tech looks pretty good, though, I haven't used that one.
I have the Haupauge WinTV HVR-850-1200...
with a HP Widescreeen Monitor, HD is GREAT !

One thing though....
Those little guys suck up a lot of power, and I had to replace my Power Supply.
Had a 300 W, which was struggling, so, I went for broke and got a 750 W,
and got a HQ Video Board as well. Using that in a Desktop BTW.
I don't have any more power problems, needless to say.
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