Aim Anywhere on the XR15 remote



Hi folks - about 2 weeks into our new XR15 remote (new DVR as well).

I'm noticing that our previous Xfinity remote (was it maybe an X5?) - I could pretty much aim almost "anywhere" to control our Samsung TV and Samsung soundbar volume.

With this new XR15 - it is indeed aim anywhere for set top/DVR functions, but not for Samsung devices.

I know the Samsungs must be RF because with the Samsung remote I can literally aim 180 degrees completely opposite the TV and soundbar and they work just fine.

but with the XR15 - I have to aim DEAD CENTER on the soundbar and/or TV for them to work.

What am I missing?? Clearly the XR15 must be RF if it's aim anywhere with the box, so why not with the Samsungs?

Thanks much -

bsn321 in Mass

"Aim Anywhere on the XR15 remote," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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