Alibaba Hot Deals


Have you ever used alibaba for sales and finding out the best deals? Do you prefer another option or do you find it truly affordable for you? Is the quality worthy of attention or not? I have never used it, on my end. Still, a friend has recommended it to me and I am thinking of it.


I have purchased counterfit electronics on the site. I knew they were fakes but wanted to see them for myself. I could tell the difference but others could not.

I also used the site to buy some LED stage lights directly from China. They were exactly what the US company was selling but without their branding. I cut the cost by about 40%. There was no warranty or support but with what I bought I knew I would not likely need support and could buy replacement parts from the US seller. It was an experiment. The problem was PayPal stopped allowing AliBaba payments. I was using AliExpress...which catered to smaller lots of goods that normally sold in large quantities.