Do you own any Alienware computers they have a sexy desktops and laptops. The gaming series are awesome and with excellent specs but the things is its too much over priced but perfect with the specs.. i need to buy one..
I guess we have to save up. I agree that is an awesome system. I was hoping I would get one for Christmas, but no such luck. So I guess I'm just going to have to work extra hard to get it myself.:)


We almost bought one for my 14 year old last year for Christmas until I started doing some research. A comparable Dell was $300 less with almost identical hardware. I think Alienware is more if you're into bragging about how fast your computer is and how it plays the latest games.
Alienware should be more about the looks that contribute to the price. Of course the hardware play a part, but Alienware has a more 'unique' design than your average system.