Hot Deal: Amazon Recommended Deals from my contact at Amazon


I have some deals recommended my by a family member who works for Amazon. I will post new items as they get passed on to me.

Rat Pack Christmas Album-Cool man cooool! Christmas With The Rat Pack: Music

These Shure headphones are not for the timid. They do not boost the bass like budget consumer headphones. Not cheap but definitely one of the best if you like to listen without bothering others or are of the school that ascribes to headphone listening is best. If these are too expensive...check out the other Shure headphone options. They are a professional company and do not rely on glitz and hype to sell their products. Shure SRH1840 Professional Open Back Headphones (Black): Musical Instruments

Polk audio has been around a long time. I installed Pold speakers in several of my vehicles. I even made a subwoofer based on their on-line plans. This first Home Theater system is a beginner set in my opinion. It is small and good for a small apartment or viewing room. Polk Audio RM705 5.1 Home Theater System (Set of Six, Black): Electronics

This system is a big boy unit suitable for larger room and rooms where you like to show off your gear. Sweet finish! It also comes with a matched Pioneer receiver. Turn-key system. It will rock the house. Check out the cherry finish that is available. Polk Audio TSX330T 5.1 Home Theater System (Black)-Pioneer VSX-1123-K 7.2: Electronics