Another MiniGuide request - XFinity

Just throwing my hat in on this - I am a new streaming customer, and everything is working great. My only major hangup is the mini guide on the Roku app.

It shouldn't be so hard to push a filter update to make the mini guide accept the same filters as the main guide on the Roku app. From what I've seen, you have had people asking for this for over 5 months. So here I am - asking again.

Minor hangups:

I shouldn't have to click the show I want to watch, then "watch." I understand you have a bucket that opens an info dock... but it feels like there is a cleaner way to do this - even if it needs to be a separate list for recording. I don't much expect this to change, as I can't come up with anything better either :-/

You can apply the same UI/UX to the mini guide for filter/faves/etc... as you do to the main guide.. you are training us to use a mechanic to navigate - why not be consistent?



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