ANTS like to eat Fios cable! Really


I thought it was a bogus story. But no. Nope! It happen twice to this fellow. Take a look at his story on!

If you are really into it..see the link to the tech paper showing how ants destroy fiber optic cable and more!


Very strange for sure. I have never heard of ants causing this kind of problem. I have seen ants hanging around aphids, in my garden. I understand that aphids release a sticky substance that the ants like. The ants come to feed on it.


Well, nobody could have ever imagined that ants could cause such grave damage! Their power of course lies on their number, as no ant is on its own. They come in millions and this is why they are so powerful!

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In the interest of 'Earth sustainability' and moving away from petrolium products, much of the rubber insulation on wiring is now made using soy. The same goes for rubber hoses.

I park my car on the street and earlier this summer it developed a fuel leak caused by a hungry mouse. They seem to like the taste of the rubber jacket surrounding the high-pressure plastic hose. Of course this special part is unique and only available through the Dealership @ just under $350.00 per copy. What's even worse, is this is the second time my car has been attacked. Two photos below show the rubber jacket eaten away and the high pressure line damage.