Any Hockey Fans?

Any NHL fans out there?

Just wondered a few things, heard on the news the Leafs (I thought it said) had the grossed the highest merchandising sales in the NHL, I was shocked if that was right, would have thought for sure that would have been detroit or NJ can anyone clarify that?

Saw the replays on the news of Max Afinogenov in the boston/thrashers game, wondering if anyone thinks Buffalo made a mistake and should have kept him, seems like he's off to a good year so far, granted Sabres are sitting on top of the northeast, but the guy is a great forward

any early Stanley Cup thoughts?


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Nah, not me. When I was a kid, my uncle took me to a game in Oakland and I couldn't follow the dang puck. I was bored stiff as a result. As an adult, I don't like the violence.
Not a hockey fan, but I've been to a minor league game once and totally enjoyed it. You never realize how fast those guys are moving until you see it live.