Any Rookie Blue fans? Thoughts on the new season?


I've been watching Rookie Blue for a while. (I actually find it hard to believe it's on season 5, it doesn't seem like that long!) I kind of consider it the "Grey's Anatomy" of cop shows, with as much or more emphasis on the personal lives of the characters as on the crimes.

I love that they've now made Gail Peck (Charlotte Sullivan) lesbian (or bi?) but I thought the "I'm gonna chop off all my hair in a moment of feels" thing was a bit too stereotypical and lazy.

I like that they gave Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym) a rookie of her own to train, BUT I hate hate hate the new character, Duncan. I don't remember having strong feelings about the actor (Matthew Owen Murray) when he was in the LA Complex, but I really can't stand him on this. It's not even a "love to hate" feeling, it's just annoyance. I hope he gets written off the show quickly. They have had plenty of other, better characters who need more screen time.
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