Anyone haggle with Dell on price?


DTVUSA Jr. Member
Personally, I have never tried to haggle on the price of a dell. Main reason why is because they are pretty reasonable priced. After reading everyone's posts, I probably will try to haggle down on the price next time I buy one because I never knew that so many people would have so much success.


Wow dudes! Like...listen to this. I checked in with Dell and my order got pushed into June! I serached on line and it seems since 2014 Dell has been delaying some orders. Not just personal systems...servers and multiple unit orders. No everyone's but enough to make waves. I canceled my order. I went back in and saw that some of the towers say they are In STOCK and ready to ship. I ended up getting a better unit for less money and it SHIPPED same day by FedEx. So the lesson is to look for the in stock units...if you want a Dell.


Got the Dell. Looks like the typical XPS case-if you are familiar. Lightning fast boot-up due to the solid state drive for the OS. Win 8 is OK but still a PITA with no Start button. I am keeping it clean with just video and photo editing software. Overall I am happy with it.