Apple TV..


Ok I just happen to be looking at bing for Apple TV stuff. How many Apple TV's are there? I mean there is the first Apple TV, but is there an Apple TV 2 now? Because I seem to be getting mixed stuff on researching it.


Hi Amie, I think you should get the Apple TV third generation. The other two models are out dated and to get the most out of your Apple TV experience, you should get it. I have bought one and it is so useful streaming videos online away from my computer.


The Apple TV third generation has 1080 p of resolution which is quite high. In addition, the TV box also contain a second antenna for better reception. And lastly, it has a very powerful single core A5 chip which is quite powerful too when it comes to improving overall performance.
I only ever messed around with the first generation of AppleTV where you had a hard drive on the device, etc. My brother swears by his, but we do not have one in the home now to give you current feedback on whether or not the device is worth using.

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