Are Paranormal Shows fake?


Hey, just wondering what you all think about the million paranormal shows on. Do you think that these are fake? I have seen things on the net that make me think they could be, but do you think they ever get any real evidence?


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I wouldn't go that far at all. I'm not about to say they are all on the up and up. I'm skeptical of certain things, but I also believe that Nessie could be real and that paranormal activity can occur.
While I wouldn't say that paranormal shows are necessarily ALL fake, some do fake things a bit to help generate more interest. There are powers and beings out there beyond our knowing, but some of them don't WANT to be seen or heard.


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I think some of the paranormal things could be real, but not everything. Like old ghosts hunting old homes or buildings I think that kind of stuff is real. Bigfoot and other weird animals I don;t think they exist.
I actually think that an animal like Bigfoot is VERY believable to be real, since they are pretty much just big apes and not all that strange when you think about it. Now that doesn't mean they exist for a fact, merely that it's easy to see how they COULD be real.
Of course it's all fake. No such things as ghosts or chupacabras or bigfoot or loc ness monster.
Oh I dunno about that, I have heard plenty of tales of weird things, in this area it is now that we have mountain lions roaming the countryside.

But on the topic of the paranormal, yea theres some stuff in some of these shows that make me wonder. Would be cool to know what was sensationalised and what is really stuff they have no idea about.

I like ghost adventures- Zack baggins is sort of funny with his over the top way
I do like to watch those paranormal shows from time to time, and often find the backstories of the haunted places as fascinating as any alleged paranormal discoveries. History and the Paranormal often go hand and hand after all!