Are these ClearView HD Technologies ANT1818 antennas any good?

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That's one of three or four cheap Chinese antennas. Some people have had good luck with them but they are scaled too small for the television frequencies used in the Americas. The built-in preamplifiers have been reported as 'noisy' and the built-in rotators use flimsy plastic gears which perish pretty quickly. Because of the size, they are poor antennas for high-band VHF and virtually useless on low-band VHF. For several years someone in my area has been selling them for twenty bucks on Craigslist. You can Google 'LAVA antennas' for similar turkeys. Buyers beware.

Ok, thanks, yeah, I've seen these things before, and my spidey sense tells me to beware. My wife forwarded the link to me, so figured I'd just ask about them here. Thanks again, Ed


Thank you very much. I have been looking at cutting the cable and saw one of these on woot....think I will pass