AT&T says "Bye Bye Dish Network", and "Hello DirecTV", for bundled TV services

Jason Fritz

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AT&T says "Bye Bye Dish Network", and "Hello DirecTV", for bundled TV services

AT&T has decided not to renew it's 5 year long partnership deal for the video portion of bundled TV services with Dish Network. The news comes as Dish Network faces uncertain times in the consumer television satellite market.

Rueters also mentions that Dish Network reported it's first lost ever loss in customer subscribers in the second quarter of 2008.

My thoughts? I think as consumers strap down spending in a tight economy like the one we're currently experiencing, all cable and satellite television providers are going to see slower growth rates (Or in Dish Network's case, a loss in subcribers!).

DirecTV is winning the battle in satellite subscribers, but I'd hate to see Dish Network have to merge or sell off to keep itself in the market. Competition is always a good thing for consumers.


I think satellite's only chance of surviving is to go worldwide with their subscription base. Seeing as most of the rest of the branches of the economy are going global, and with increasing pressure in all people to decrease their spending, they will have to lower their prices and increase their customer base to survive at all.
I do see the sat tv industry being a victim of the growing movement for internet television.


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No I did not notice what the Satellite companies were doing in this horrible market.However,I really think that their days are numbered in the economy we find ourselves today.
The satellite companies really need to be more competitive because they can be one of the things to go when the economy gets worse and more people lose their jobs. People can live without satellite. They cannot live without food and shelter! Direct TV has benefited off the backs of customers for many years. It is time to start giving those customers some breaks.
I completely agree with you! The prices of satelite are absolutely awful! I'm paying $80/month to have my cable in my house. Good thing that right now I can afford that but at the same time it just keeps going up. They should have 1 set price and that be it...and it doesn't raise above that price.

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