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I wish I were joking but no I am not!

I am on a 4 person mixed league that has a bowler that considers themself a female. This person looks like a pretty bad excuse for a female. The voice sounds like a male for sure. Our league secretary says it's a female but many on the league doubt it and are starting to make noise about this.

What do the USBC league rules say about this?

P.S. I have not noticed what restroom this person uses.

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Ugh ... Alex or Alex, Casey or Casey, Kelly or Kelly, Jan or Jan, Pat or Pat or whatever. Beyond sports leagues the Clinton Military (sort of) answered that question with "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" -- but that is going to change very soon. Personally, I really could not care less - unless- I am sexually pestered by a unisex individual. Their athletic skills/abilities is only what matters to me (unless someone wants a lawsuit). Not a big deal to me. :horse: There are many far more important issues our World need to deal with ASAP.

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Sounds like an SNL skit: It's Pat!

Since its a "Mixed League" I guess it would be within the rules. It's mixed. Now very mixed.