Audio sync problems




I recently switched from DirecTV to Xfinity and have been having audio lip sync issues since the switch.

I have a Vizio 55” HD TV (non 4K), that’s about 3 years old, connected directly to the Xfinity box via HDMI cable. I have no surround sound or any other audio equipment attached to the TV.

The problem I’m having is the audio will start to go out of sync with the peoples lips when watching any show on any channel after a few hours. If I go into the Device -Audio settings in the Xfinity box, and switch the audio output from Auto Detect to Stereo or vice versa, then everything is fine for a few hours. Then is starts all over again. It doesn’t matter if I leave the Audio set to Stereo or Auto Detect.

I had Comcast replace the first box they gave me but the problem still exits.

I never had the problem with the DirecTV box I used to have nor the DVD player or Amazon Fire TV currently hooked up to the TV.

Any suggestions?



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