Auto-Tune to HD doesn’t work



One of our sets has one of the small X1 receiver boxes (not a DVR). Unfortunately, it doesn't usually switch automatically from SD to HD.

I have set the preferences to auto-tune the box to the highest resolution, which is important because my elderly mother in law can't remember that HD starts in the 700's and sits much of the day in front of a distorted SD image stretched by the TV. Occasionally, this works but it mostly does not.

This is the third box that I have tried with this TV and each has had this issue. I therefore assume it has something to do with the signals on the cable rather than defects in any of the boxes.

We had a low-voltage contractor rewire our house during a remodeling project, so it wasn't Comcast that installed the cable to which the TV is connected. Could something in the installation have defeated this preference? It doesn't seem logical to me, but it's the only variable in the equation.

Any thoughts about this?

"Auto-Tune to HD doesn’t work," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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