Is comcast available in all areas of the US? I have seen commercials for Comcast, but have never heard of anyone in my area having them as their provider.
Is Comcast more reasonable than other providers?


Question #1: No. Even though they're the largest U..S. cable-TV service provider with 24 million subscribers, Comcast says it serves customers in 39 states. Prominent examples of places served by other companies include greater New York (Cablevision, Time Warner) and Los Angeles/Orange County (Time Warner).

Question #2: There's no competition between cable providers in most localities, and where there is no competition, direct comparisons of prices aren't really relevant. When comparing cable with satellite, getting a better deal depends on how you plan to use the service. If 30-channel, analog limited basic is all you need, the cable company is probably the way to go, mainly because it's not likely to insist on a two-year commitment. If you've got a wall-sized plasma and a hankering for all-HD, all the time and/or lots and lots of sports, satellite is probably your best choice. And there are an infinite number of possibilities between these two extremes.
Thanks for the info Don. I am in Western NY, so might check to see if Comcast is an option for me. I went from Cable to Dish because I got more channels for a less price. I am not into the HD yet, but did buy an HD tv~ just don't have the HD service as of yet.


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Competition has never been big around here except for years back before Comcast came. Back then, there was a big pricing war between two companies that wanted the market. One won, the other disappeared. Years have passed and Comcast came, went, and came back. We do have another company - Sure West, but there doesn't really seem to be any competitive war between them.
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