Backwoods Classics TV spot

It's a nice one, it comes on as any other commercial, but one thing about it gets to me.

"....Like when we caught a $50,000 Crappie..."

Uh, incorrect. i may live in Kentucky, and not aware of you're surroundings, but Crappie are quite common, and quite the annoying catch. it's like Bluegill to fishermen here. they want Bass, or Cats, but when they hook a bluegill, crappie, or other undesired panfish, they scream bloody murder! they're not worth 50-grand. at least not to me. some people eat them sure, but when were they ever worth $50,000??? if so i live right on top of a gold mine!


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I'm with Escape on this one in that I haven't a clue what you're talking about. :} I know it's a commercial, but after that, you lost me.
It's something mentioned in the commercial. they were saying that the DVDs contain that. if you watch the ad there's a $50 grand panfish mentioned. the Crappie is a type of small stream fish. not worth that much however. it was a funny mistake i think. but i hear it every time and just chuckle.


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I'll have to check with Mr. Wolford (the host) on that, but I remember there was a contest at some point to catch the biggest crappie around here. It was a good many years ago. He had an uncanny ability to capture some of the more unusual -- and enjoyable -- facets of life in this part of the country. I wish he'd never retired.
Ahh...that makes sense. for a second i figured the crappie in my lake behind my house were worth something :(

It looks like a really nice show collection IMO. i'm not one for most outdoors stuff since it always seems to involve sport hunting but that seems like something that was once on PBS or should be. clean, wholesome TV.


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Hal Wolford spent many years at WTVW and later WEHT, usually as an anchor or news director. He's a great guy and I'm proud to say he's a friend of my blog. His "Backroads" segments were part of 25's 5:00 newscasts for a good many years, and the Classics are a compilation of many years' work on his part.

We should all be grateful that, unlike all of the tapes of The Peggy Mitchell Show (a kids' program I grew up watching reverently each morning), the Backroads tapes were not destroyed, because they are great viewing and as Hal suggests, they bring back memories of a good many fine folks who, in a lot of cases, are no longer with us.