Bad LIVE 4k Quality Thursday Night Football



Yesterdays, Thursday Night Football broadcast had very bad 4k quality. All my settings have adjusted for 4k. The picture quality was dull. The HD version of the picture quality was fine but when i tuned into 4k it was so dull. The tennessee titals baby blue color looked almost grey!

-When I watch on demand 4k the quality is great.

-When I watch a live 4k broadcast through the third party app (quality is great)

-The colors are normal when i watch a live non 4k broadcast

-Only happens when I tried to stream Thursday Night Football live

I made sure my settings were at the max Xfinity > Settings > Display > 4k Max

Made sure my brightness was good.

Using hdmi cable that came with the box.

-Anyone else experiencing this ?

"Bad LIVE 4k Quality Thursday Night Football," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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