bad tuner?

I have 2 tv's hooked up to a ant751. One tv gets perfect reception, the other one constantly loses channels, pixellates etc. I took the one with no problems and hooked it up where the other one is, guess what no problems. Could it be a bad or poor tuner in the problem one it is a Philips made in 2006? Thanks, Jim.


Yes it could be a poor tuner in the Philips. Or maybe just a low signal level from the Antenna. The RCA ANT-751 is a great little antenna, but when you split the signal to two TV, each is receiving less than half the full signal. Temporary try using the Philips TV without the splitter, so that it gets the full output. If it still has problem its bad. If its works, you need to improve the feed. Use RG-6 coax not RG-59, maybe use an amplifier . Good luck
Thanks for your reply. Today everything is fine. I have taken the splitter out and does not make a difference, I am using rg 6. Whenever the problem occurs the signal level on the Philips is not constant, fluctuates from about 20% to 60%. But even today 2 channels are perfect with signal level of 20%. Thinking something going on with the tuner not working properly?


I'm surprised 20% signal will get a good picture. You may have electrical interference causing the problem. I have a channel (RF-13) that drops out when I use the microwave oven or turn on recessed LED celling lights. Normally it has 60% or higher signal but drops below 30% when the above are in use. Trying using a powered 2-way splitter. See the link below. Or better yet a larger antenna or pre-amp.

Eagle 6 dB DIstribution Amplifier 2 Output Video Signal 2 Way Coaxial RF UHF VHF Amp Steren 200-652
Update Feb. 9, 2012 I don't think the tuner is bad. I hooked up the tv from our travel trailer and while it seemed better at first, after awhile it started getting pixeling also. This only effects the one tv, do I need an amp, change coax form splitter to that tv, running out of fixes.
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