Basic Hookup?

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Currently I have an X1 box and a slightly older Panasonic TV.

At this time I have a cable signal IN (from Comcast) and a cable signal OUT (going to TV).

I asked Comcast for the User Manual for the X1 so I could look up some (what I thought were) some pretty straight forward hookup paths for a possible DVR and a home 2 channel stereo. It turns out there is NO user manual for the X1 and I was eventually told to use the manual for the RNG150N. So looking at the most basic Hookup for Box to TV, it shows an HDMI. I tried that; it didn't work. In looking at the back of the ...150N, it shows a Coax IN but NO place for COAX (Cable) out. Interesting? I don't get that. (HOW in the world does the RNG150N get an antenna signal from it to the TV withput a Coax (cable) Out)? Some of the other hookups depicted in the Manual don't make much more sense. So what is the hookup to add a VCR to my current set up? Also for the real audiophiles in here; how do I hook up my Integrated Amp ( which only has RCA jacks) to my TV?. A straight Left/Right RCA to RCA doesn't work. Does anybody get any of this?

"Basic Hookup?," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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Not open for further replies.
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