Batman Finally Coming to DVD this year!


Wow, my dad will be happy to hear this. He absolutely LOVED that show when he was growing up in the 60's and he'd never miss the rerurns on the tv. He even had a batman themed party for his 50th birthday! Too bad he doesn't like the nolan movies and he refused to watch TDKR.


This is good news! Now if they could only get all "The New Scooby-Doo Movies" released the world would right again.

Bit of trivia...
Only one person ever died on the Batman TV show and that event takes place in the very first episode.


Wow. I find it a bit hard to swallow that there are still things that aren't available on DVD. I mean, it just seems silly at this point that whoever holds the rights to an older show isn't trying to make money off it in every medium they can. If nothing else they could put it on Amazon Create Space or something similar where it is manufactured on demand, and thus they don't need to guarantee enough sales to make it worthwhile.

Especially with something as popular as Batman.