Best HDTVs made in 2016 - The year of 4K HDTV


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Today, we take a look at the top 5 HDTVs for 2016.

55_LG_55UH7700.jpg With purchasing the right HDTV, there are many specifications to familiarize yourself with. For examples, we consider overall screen resolution, refresh rate, and picture quality to determine the top 5 HDTVs on our list.

#1 Pick
55" LG 55UH7700
First on our list is the LG 55UH7700. This is a great TV offering 4K resolution at 240hz refresh rate. Speaking of refresh rate, if you're concerned about watching sports, action movies, and video gamesthat won't be a problem with the LG 55UH7700.

The screen technology is LED which gives this HDTV a bright and clear picture. The LG 55UH7700 is also equipped with streaming TV capability and apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

#2 Pick
65" Samsung UN65KS9500
The is a flat screen tv with 4K resolution and a refresh rate of 120hz. Don't let that refresh rate throw you off though, this TV has been tested and shown to display very fast action scenes from movies and games.

As with all Samsung HDTV's of this series, the offers plenty of options for streaming TV capability. Brightness and color is also an area where the exceeds, due to Samsung's optimization of quantum dot technology.

#3 Pick
55" Haier 55E5500U
A close #3, the is the 55" Haier 55E5500U sporting a 4K display, and a 60hz refresh rate. This refresh rate might better be suited for viewers who watch less action sequences, although the picture quality will still be good enough with most fast moving scenes. The is a quality LED HDTV, especially for it's pricing.

#4 Pick
55" LG 55UH6150

#5 Pick
65" Samsung UN65KS9500

As you can tell, we're big fans of LG and Samsung HDTVs. This top 5 HD list took a critical look at TV's manufactured in 2016, and we evaluated based on technical information available to us. Please feel free to comment or give a review if you have opinions on cheap tvs for sale, tv reviews, samsung flat screen tvs, and hdtv specs.