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Now that you gave in a picked up a Netflix membership the next big choice is what to watch. There are thousands of shows in every genre you can imagine, even a hearty-helping of reality TV. Netflix categorizes most of their streaming options but many have to be searched by title to find them in the list. I am curious what each person thinks are the top shows offered on Netflix, so it may help ther people find new content to divulge themselves into.

That 70's Show

Capturing the essence of the 70's and teen angst at the same time. That 70's Show was the best period comedy piece every created. The entire series is on here so you can follow the gang from the beginning. Not only did this show give birth to careers like Ashton Kutcher or Mila Kunis, it told a genuine and touching story from start to finish


A show that just has too few episodes. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are outstanding as the pair of Sherlock and Watson. By far the best adaption of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's work since The Great Mouse Detective, Sherlock is a must watch for any viewer looking for a compelling and brilliantly written show.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Starring Sir Patrick Stewart (one of the greatest actors to ever live), Star Trek: TNG is the boldest and most creative of the Star Trek series. Featuring an unforgettable cast, and some of the most captivating villains in TV history (John DeLancie's Q, The Borg, most every Kilngon, and even Picard's former commanding officer. Every two-parter left you in a level of anticipation I have not experienced since

House of Cards

A Netflix original that proves Netflix is serious about the streaming game and intends to win it. Starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright in two f their best performances ever. House of Cards is a must watch for any fan or drama TV or political thrillers, or anyone who enjoys quality television with award-worthy acting.


Love it or hate it Lost was hands-down one of the best shows in recent years. Sure some of the plot-lines may have been left unanswered, but no show has created such a desire for the answers. With an outstanding massive cast, no one character was ever false, it is very uncommon for all actors to be believable but JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof managed to pull it off. An imprvement from their first incredible attempt, Alias, Lost is just as compelling the more times you re-watch it. The attention to detail is unprecendented and ofter the intricasies are "lost" (yeah) on the average viewer. Not for the faint of heart, or mindless viewer Lost brought intelligent TV back to the major networks

Arrested Development

One of the most brilliant and detailed comedies ever created. Constant themes and ever-present background jokes make this the most intricate and thought-out show I ever watched. The incredible performances just make this a compelling story, and enhance the details and talented story-writing. This is definitely the best show that has ever been brought back to life after going off the air

Freaks and Geeks

Following his success on the Ben Stiller show, and directoral brilliance of Heavyweights, Judd Apatow went on to pair with Paul Feig to create Freaks and Geeks. A high-school based comedy starring then unknwn Seth Rgen, James Franco, Linda Cardenelli, and Jason Segel. Portraying a group of burn-outs each actor brings a unique and captivating character to life. Certainly one of the best coming of age stories ever written.

RuPaul's Drag Race

Now this show is not for everyone, there are a lot of close-minded intolerant people in this world. If you think being gay is a sin this is not for you (in fact if you think being gay is a sin please seek immediate counselling). A combination of Project Runway and drag queens RuPaul's DragRace is the most intense and talent filled fashion/runway show on television. If you are impressed with the things they make n Project Runway now think about the fact that each contestant is a male and has to produce a themed runway outfit, AND be skilled enough at make-up and hair to convince the judges they are a woman walking down that runway. There is no question this group of drag queens is the most talented cast of any reality TV show. The only reason I didn't list this higher is due to the inclusion of only 2 of a total of 5 seasons.

Honorable Mentions:

How I Met Your Mother
B**ch in Apartment 23
Once Upon a Time
Parks and Recreation
Saturday Night Live
The Tick
30 Rock
Mad Men
Dr. Horribles Signg-Along Blog
I definitely agree with the very subjective styling of this show. You really have to appreciate a detective mystery and it helps if you're a huge Sherlock Holmes fan (as I am). But as far as detective shows and murder/crime mysteries I think this is the best TV has to offer
Mad Men was never my style and I think 30 Rock is one of the best comedies of the past 5 years, but that being said Netflix has access to older shows and despite the criticism of Lost it was the most engaging, and detailed show I have ever watched (and I watch a LLLLLOOOOOTTTTTT of TV)
A very good guide to the top crop of Netflix TV series, and an important reminder that there's good reality stuff on there too. I would add to this Louie, comedian Louis C.K's signature sitcom, which is what Seinfeld would be if it were serious about being 'a show about nothing' but also visually daring and experimental in ways sitcoms generally are not. It deserves the adless aura of a Netflix original as each episode is entirely unique. Check out The League of Gentlemen, a British horror comedy that will delights fans of horror everywhere as well as giving you a glimpse into the diseased mind of rural England you saw in Straw Dogs and American Werewolf in London. Just one more thing...for fans of classic television, don't forget that peerless private eye drama The Rockford Files is up there in its entirety as is the best of Columbo, which is the best of TV!
I find it funny that my children love That 70s Show. I have never really sat down and watched it myself but they seem to rave over it. I have seen bits and pieces but never took the time to really get into it. I personally would rather watch old episodes of Friends or Mad About You.

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