Best Post Christmas Electronics Deals for 2014


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Here is a list of 2014's best post Christmas tech and electronics deals. Items include tablets, appliances, televisions, tablets, smartphones, and basically anything electronic. Don't hesitate to comment and add to this list as new post Christmas deals are popping up all of the time.

Best Buy
Best Buy is currently offering up to 25% off select appliances, televisions and tablets. Some items are marked down 5 percent, like this 32-inch LED 720p HDTV Samsung. Buyers should note that there is free shipping on orders above $35.

Walmart's hot deal for post Christmas incldes a laptop bundle starts at $289 with choice of laptop, case, flash drive and printer.

Toys "R" Us
Starting today, December 26, Toys R Us is offering an in-store deal where you can save $100 on Xbox One with trade-in of any video game system. Specifically quoted, “SAVE $100 on Xbox One with trade-in of ANY video game system and use of $50 OFF coupon.” There are no restrictions according to the fine print on which game system you bring in to trade-in.


Amazon, as it does every post Christmas, is offering a slew of discounts on a variety of electronics and goods. Savings includes up to 50% mark downs and free shipping.

Fringe Reception

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Went to Fry's today and bought a 48" Samsung originally listed at $1,500 and had been on sale at $997.00 discounted today to $758.09 which included an additional 5% off for being the showroom model. 120Hz, smart, 3D (including split screen) and WiFi ready.



Sadly, we discovered that unlike our Sony, this Samsung erases every prior scan so it is a poor choice for someone using an antenna on a rotor or multiple antenna systems.


I have a Channel Master DVR connected to the TV via HDMI. The CM tuner is excellent and it has the ability to add digital channels in consequtive scans.
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