**BEWARE** Comcast technician burglarized my home - XFinity

I want to make sure no one else becomes a victim of Xfinity's technicians stealing. A technician came to my house on June 18, 2019 and set up internet, cable, and ironically security system. Well he was at my home for about 2-3 hours so it wasn't practical for me to watch him the whole time. Honestly I didn't even feel the need to because I did not think Xfinity employees would be stealing from customers. AS he was working I was getting ready to head to work. He sets everything up and I hurry up and sign the forms I need to so that I can hurry to work.

Later that evening I get back home and start to look for my brand new iPhone that I got in the mail the day prior so that I can set it up. Well long behold after 15 minutes of looking for it I start back tracking. I remembered that I left my phone on my living room table and it just so happened that the tech had placed all of his tools on this same table as he worked. I then realize that he must have taken my phone because I left it purposely on my table so that I can set it up once I get home. I called Comcast immediately explaining everything to them and assume that he must have accidentally mixed my phone with his equipment. So I make the complaint to Comcast and to my surprise they don’t even keep track of what technicians they send out to your home (which is scary by the way). So I realized ah ha I do have his cell number that he called me from that morning. Once I give them that number they were able to track the employee. Well tomorrow will have been 7 days since I reported this theft to Comcast and they still have not contacted me. By the way I contact the guy just to give him the opportunity to say he accidentally took my phone and of course he says he does not have it. Since the phone was never activated it cant even be traced. That scum bags number is 734 447 4684. Learn from my mistake and do not be as naive and trusting as I was. Unfortunately you have to watch them the whole time to make sure they aren't burglarizing your home, because that’s exactly what it was. He entered my home and stole.

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