BlackScreen Feb 2021 - Since Outage - Handshake Issue?



I have a Samsung(UN5MU8500FXZA) Smart UHD 4k TV, Everything worked fine until I had an outage about a month ago. Since the outage, I have had Blackscreen with Xfinity. I have:

Restarted my box over 20 Times

Done Multiple System updates

Made sure my TV had updates

Got a new cable box

Had a tech out

The Xfinity Service works with other (old TV's), that i bring out

The Tech told me it was a handshake issue

we got it working for 1 day( until I turned hte TV off)

It has been blackscreen since then

other devices and appss still work including (other HDMI sources as well)

Everythingg but Xfinity

I have seen these issues in other forums back in 2018 & 2019

Does anyone know what can mix this?

"BlackScreen Feb 2021 - Since Outage - Handshake Issue?," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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