Blu-ray Recorders For PC's


Considering how large hard drives have become it is really difficult to backup these monsters with even double layer dvds. My question is when are the Bluray recorders coming to PC's at an affordable price? They have the total market now its time for them to return the favor so all of us can benefit from the technology.


That is not the price I am looking for. There really is no difference in your average DVD burner and a Blu Ray DVD burner except the color of the laser and the quality of the disc.

The prices they are charging are outrageous and I will not buy one until the recorders come to under $100 and the media is $1 or less.

I was not put here to enrich companies.


Blu-ray uses a blue laser to record data on discs, while CD and DVD systems use red lasers. Blue lasers have a shorter wavelength--405 nanometers compared to around 650 nanometers on DVD systems--and that means the laser beam can be focused onto a smaller area of the disc surface. In turn, this means less area is needed to store one bit of data and so more data can be stored on a disc.
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