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I am an amateur singer and music enthusiast. I have a vintage Carver Model C-4000 High fidelity holographic image Control Console, and this processor is fantastic. It was the predecessor to surround sound, way before surround sound became viable. I also have a Carver M-1.5t Magnetic Field Amplifier, and it is capable of 600 watts per channel continuous. All of Bob Carvers Audio Components were way ahead of their time. i also have a pair of OHM Acoustic Walsh Series speakers that are also ahead of their time when they were new.

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Is your equipment from around 1977-8 and did they advertize it as 'Audio Holograph' in the States?

If so, I had a friend back then who was a Submariner and every time he had liberty in Japan, he shipped at least one component home -- long before they were offered in the States. When he left the Navy and returned, we had a party and his audio system was far superior to any other home systems I had heard.

He could copy cassette tapes and 'alter them' with his Audio Holograph unit/s to get some of the same illusion of a large venue production, rather than a sound stage. I blew friends away with my 'cheap' stereo system in my sportscar because it sounded so 'large' ... if you know what I mean.