Boosting Xfinity Remote IR signal for TV control?



My couch is 16 feet away from my TV and the X1 voice enabled remote needs to be pointed at the TV to control the volume of the TV since that happens over IR (infrared line of sight). I've measured it with a tape measure and the remote only has enough IR power to change the volume from 13 feet or less. It is very lame to have to stand up and reach forward to change the volume.

I have about 3 other remotes that are programmed with the same code to change the TV volume and all of them work from up to 22 feet away so I know I'm not asking a lot. Can anyone please measure how far their remotes work from the TV for changing volume. Every other remote function is RF so I'm only talking about volume control.

"Boosting Xfinity Remote IR signal for TV control?," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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