Bought my own modem but still want phone service.... - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Bought my own modem but still want phone service....", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. We bought our own modem (already owned a router) to avoid the $10/month rental fee.
We have triple play. TWC is telling me to use the old modem that I had been renting them for phone service. They are no longer charging me, and have apparently turned off internet / wifi capabilities.

It is still sending a signal to the router. TWC doesn't appear to have a modem that ONLY has phone capabilities. Will this slow down my internet speeds (my husbands main concern)? Is there anyway to avoid this so that it stops trying to connect to wifi?

Has anyone had this problem and have a solution for me?

THANKS! I'm hoping to avoid a phone call and trip to the store (things I have done way too often in having TWC for just over a year).

This topic covered Bought my own modem but still want phone service...., and TWC cable internet service.
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